- building stronger teams







- building stronger teams

iNSIGHT RESOURCE, your partner in Recruitment, Assessment, Onboarding, and Retention

The people  in your company are indeed the most important assets for your business success.

Motivation and engagement are keys to thrive as humans. Making sure you have motivated, responsible and engaged employees in your team, will not only make your company grow, but will also make work life much more fun, and inspiring.

Academics, knowledge, practical experience etc. are all important qualities when you look through the applications from candidates, and excellent candidates are important to your business. Making sure that your future employee is a  good match for your company culture is just as important.

iNSIGHT RESOURCE have the tools, methods and the knowledge in assessment and selection process of candidates, which will allow you to save time and continue your focus on everyday business.

My services include:

  • create the right job profile for the open position
  • participate in job interview with your candidate
  • help with onboarding
  • retain the good employees
  • create personal growth and job development
  • create job satisfaction and life quality
  • build strong teams
  • resolve conflicts
  • save money by saving time

For more information, please contact me.

Together we will establish the best process and solution for you and your company.

What my customers say about me

By utilizing the competences of iNSIGHT RESOURCE we have saved both time and money in the hiring process. We have been able to define the type of candidate, from a personality and motivational aspect, who will fit any open position and at the same time align with the DNA of our company.

I have worked with iNSIGHT when recruiting for senior positions within both sales and financial management. I find the profiles easy to interpret and with the support of iNSIGHT we select the candidate with the exact focus and personality matching our team.