Tools to successfully turn new employees into long-term business ambassadors


Dreading the stress of welcoming, guiding and maintaining new employees within their positions? Do you often see employees thrive and shine to slowly lose motivation while delivering less-than-expected results? Tired of wasting time and money when the employee is eventually resigning to work for the business next door?

4 valuable reasons WHY it is worth spending the funds and effort effectively onboarding new employees:

  • It makes the employee feel welcome and positively engaged.
  • The  employee will unleash her or his full potential faster.
  • You will save time and money by minimizing employee turnover.
  • The new employee will become a great company ambassador from day one.

4 steps on HOW to onboard a new employee effectively:

  • Provide a proper introduction to the history, vision and values of the company. The new employee will understand what and how the company is displaying their product and / or services to the society and clients.
  • Make sure the employee gets a thorough introduction to the organizational company structure and the responsibilities of key stakeholders.
  • Describe all tasks and activities and further provide the employee with all the proper practical tools, such as company keys and codes.
  • Create a long-term strategy with the employee, taking his/her strengths/weaknesses into consideration, to make sure that the full potential is reached.

You might think, “we have tried, but we don’t have the time, money and resources!” Further you have stayed with the company for years and it has become challenging to provide an unbiased company introduction to new employees.

“What goes around, comes around” Investing time and interest in your new employees will pay off.

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