Are you dealing with employees quitting before one year has gone by or looking up friends on Facebook during work hours, and not engaging in new projects? Have you ever considered if you may be the answer to the problem? You are expecting the world from your team, but are you truly making the time and effort being a good leader?

Let’s look at what will keep your team engaged, driven, and stay onboard:

  • You may like to stay within your corner-office behind closed doors, but a good leader leads by example.
    You should get to know your employee’s skills and challenges and they should know yours to be able to move forward as a strong, united entity.
  • Give credit! If you expect consistent top performance you should give out high-fives for a job well done. Then your team will most likely repeat the success.
  • Take initiative and have an ongoing open dialog with your team. Continue the great conversation you had during the job interview to ensure consistent productivity.
  • Be open for change. If the employee management satisfaction surveys always tell you to talk slower or be more present, tell your team that you will try your best, with their help, to make the change.
  • Be understanding and listen. Recognize the dreams, skills, and challenges of your team. Make plans with them and not for them. You are their confident and you should naturally be the first person they go to for support.
  • Motivate and educate the individual employee, to be honest, efficient, and to become a great problem-solver. Important factors when enforcing productivity and teamwork.
  • Do not micromanage. If you trust your team members in performing a task, keep your hands-off. Empower them by asking how you can support them best.

Growth needs to come from within and each manager can shape and enforce a dynamic, productive, and happy team. Proper onboarding should, therefore, turn into ongoing open and positive communication between leader and team members.

Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply
Stephen Covey

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