Why is both EQ and IQ important?

Because balance is important and because bringing balance into the hiring process makes sense.

Yin/yang – which in Chinese philosophy is described how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary and interdependent. Strength/weakness, light/dark, water/fire and yin/yang – all in perfect balance.

Academic skills, years of experience, references – information we evaluate and read our way through in resumes searching for the perfect candidate. Personality is something we hope to learn more and enough about during the interviews.

Getting a sense of EQ, by using personality profiles and IQ, by using logical tests is taking the hiring process to the next level.

But what is EQ and IQ and how does it create balance when we are looking for a new colleague to match the position and the team?

EQ: The social and emotional Intelligence

Describes how someone:

• Works under pressure
• Effectively resolves conflicts
• Understands co-workers, partners, and clients/customers
• Listens!
• Brings forward new ideas and solutions
• Interacts with other people
• Takes criticism
• Makes thoughtful business decisions regardless of personal emotions
• Shows empathy
• Leads by example

IQ – The intelligence quotient

Describes the ability to resolve new and unknown problems.

• Verbal IQ – the ability to understand complex verbal information and process written information logically.
• Abstract IQ – the ability to identify patterns, tendencies, and relations in organizational data.
• Numerical IQ – the ability to recognize and analyze numerical data.

EQ – The Personality Assessment will tell us about the behavior, the will and desire to “Think abstract” – as an example.

IQ – The logical test – will tell us about the “Size of the engine” behind our will and desire, so the actual ability to “Think abstract”

EQ is the social and emotional balance to IQ´s statistical facts.

Bringing yin/yang to the hiring process will help us understand and recognize the balanced skill set we need in our organizations, teams and within each individual.

We hope that you, by bringing the EQ and IQ into your hiring process will prove successful.

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