How does your onboarding strategy look?

How to you make sure that your next new hire matches your company culture and your current team?


Why is both EQ and IQ important?

Because balance is important and because bringing balance into the hiring process makes sense.

Yin/yang – which in Chinese philosophy is described how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary and interdependent. Strength/weakness, light/dark, water/fire and yin/yang – all in perfect balance. Read more


How to get to know your next employee in less than an hour

When hiring a new employee, you want to make sure you pick the right candidate for the job. You are most likely looking for someone to stay onboard long-term, a great team-player (depending on the position), and an enthusiastic worker, why it is important to get to know the candidate as much as possible during the short 30-60 minutes interview session. Read more


Looking for a balanced combination of hard skills (such as experiences, degrees, certificates) and soft skills (such as patience, motivation, communication, flexibility) will help you hire the right candidate in your recruitment process. Read more


Are you dealing with employees quitting before one year has gone by or looking up friends on Facebook during work hours, and not engaging in new projects? Have you ever considered if you may be the answer to the problem? You are expecting the world from your team, but are you truly making the time and effort being a good leader? Read more

Tools to successfully turn new employees into long-term business ambassadors


Dreading the stress of welcoming, guiding and maintaining new employees within their positions? Do you often see employees thrive and shine to slowly lose motivation while delivering less-than-expected results? Tired of wasting time and money when the employee is eventually resigning to work for the business next door? Read more