Looking for a balanced combination of hard skills (such as experiences, degrees, certificates) and soft skills (such as patience, motivation, communication, flexibility) will help you hire the right candidate in your recruitment process.

You are reviewing job applications and interviewing candidates for months and you are excited to find the best fit for a great position within the company. After discussing the most outstanding candidates with management, you feel confident that you have found the best match. This specific candidate graduated from the best schools, has great professional references, and passed your various tests.

But after a few months something is not adding up and you realize that you forgot to look into one ground-breaking factor; Personality!

Personality (soft skills/interpersonal skills) is important for the company culture, performance, and team-work. Soft skills are based on behavior. Analyzing past behavior during the interview will help predict future behavior.

A few guidelines for your next interview:

  • Make sure you set the scene for an open and welcoming dialogue
  • Prepare behavior related questions based upon situations in your company
  • Ask open questions (How, what, where, why, who..)
  • Allow silence – let the candidate gather thoughts
  • Listen actively
  • Let the candidates answers lead you to the next questions
  • Be curious
  • Do not be afraid to ask direct and detailed questions

Compare these answers  with what is stated in the resume will provide you with a realistic understanding of the candidate´s personality.

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