In order to identify the personality traits matching your position and your company I work with different personality profiles from GARUDA A/S. The profile works as a conversation tool, that can be used within recruitment, assessment, onboarding, retaining and development.

The personality profiles are also used as a tool in my coaching sessions with individuals or teams.

Garuda HRM Toolbox is a total concept of HRM-tools developed to provide companies, leaders and employees with a simple and easy-to-use shared map and language.

The Head Heart and Legs Concept maps people, organizations and jobs in three areas:

The HEAD Work- The Cognitive Competence
The HEAD’S work is to come up with ideas and solutions – the ability to analyze, structure and organize
The HEART Work – The Social Communicative Competence
The Hearts work is to get acceptance of the ideas and to enable teamwork – the ability to cooperate and establish trustful relationships
The LEG Work – The Performance Competence
The Legs work is to implement the ideas – to get things done – the ability to take on independent action and responsibility

All Garuda HRM-tools are based on this concept providing organizations with a cognitive framework (map) and shared language, which empowers and enables an open, trustful, respectful and constructive dialogue anywhere from the production line to board of directors.

iNSIGHT RESOURCE is a certified partner of Garuda. HR-tools for recruitment and development.

In addition to recruitment our tools are excellent for development of individuals, groups/teams and the organization as a whole.