New Hire

Insight Resource is a certified partner of Garuda, a Danish company specializing in developing and offering assessment tools to be utilized in the recruitment process.

Services offered by iNSIGHT RESOURCE that will make the hiring process easier for you.

Job Requirement Profile

  • Prior to starting the hiring process, you have probably already considered in very specific details the requirements pertaining to the position in question, such as education, work experience and so on.
  • I will help you define the personality traits you are looking for and set up a job profile matching your expectations.
  • When key qualities like flexible, dynamic, independent, open, result-oriented or trusting are brought into the evaluation process it reflects the importance of considering a candidate’s personality to ensure success in a particular position.

Candidate Assessment:

  • The final candidates will complete an online personality profile, with up to 320 statements within 16 different personality traits.
  • Based on the candidate`s responses you, as the hiring manager, will have an ideal conversation tool, to be used during the interview. This will enable you to ask deeper and more direct questions such as: What motivates the person? What gives the person job satisfaction? How does he/she communicate? How does he/she integrate with other people? How does he/she look upon different norms and values? How much support and backup does he/she need? How does he/she react to changes?

Selection and Feedback

  • Based on my feedback and the customized conversation tool you will be able to select the ideal candidate for your company.


Successful onboarding begins long before your new employee starts his or her employment.

Onboarding is the “Starter kit” to help your new employee perform and succeed quickly. It is also an important part of your Employer Branding.

Successful onboarding means engaged and motivated employees – Engaged and motivated employees mean higher efficiency – Higher efficiency means saving time  – time you can spend on creating your new company ambassador.

An onboarding strategy will cover:

  • Preboarding – create excitement and relationship with your new hire.
  • An introduction to the company history, its vision, and core values.
  • The organizational structure of the company
  • A clear definition of goals and expectations “A goal setting guide”
  • Guidelines of how to measure the success

The objective is to give the new employee a good experience prior to and during the start up.

You have 90 days to make a successful onboarding. Do you have your onboarding strategy in order?

If not, please let me help you.

What are you waiting for…